Fact-Checking Policy

Our Fact-Checking Policy

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism by providing accurate, reliable, and unbiased news content to our readers. Our fact-checking policy is designed to ensure that the stories we publish undergo thorough verification before they are made available to the public. We have implemented a multi-level fact-checking process, involving the following teams:

1. Sub-Editors Level – Online Editing and News Verification Group:
Our dedicated sub-editors and online editing team play a crucial role in the initial verification process. They are responsible for conducting preliminary fact-checking, which involves verifying basic information, such as names, dates, locations, and other factual details. They also review the overall coherence and readability of the article.

2. Editorial Level:
At the editorial level, our experienced editors meticulously examine the content for accuracy, fairness, and adherence to journalistic ethics. They conduct a comprehensive analysis of the sources cited in the article and cross-reference the information to ensure consistency and reliability. Editors also evaluate the overall context and tone of the piece to avoid potential bias.

3. Chief Editor Level Group:
The final level of fact-checking involves our Chief Editor Level Group, comprising the Chief Editor, Associate Editor, Secretary of the Chief Editor, and our legal advisers. This team ensures the highest level of scrutiny for all published content. They review the article in its entirety, assess the credibility of sources, evaluate potential legal implications, and make the final decision on whether the news story meets our standards for publication.

Additional Policy Considerations:

a. Independence and Objectivity:
Our fact-checking process remains independent and unbiased, free from external influences that may compromise the accuracy and integrity of our reporting. We prioritize the pursuit of truth and strive to present information in an objective manner.

b. Corrections and Retractions:
In the event that an error or inaccuracy is identified after publication, Karma News is committed to promptly issuing corrections or retractions as necessary. We provide clear guidelines to our staff on how to handle such situations and ensure that corrections are clearly labeled, easily accessible, and transparently communicated to our readers.

c. Continuous Training and Improvement:
We understand the importance of staying updated with evolving journalistic practices and fact-checking methodologies. Karma News invests in regular training sessions, workshops, and professional development opportunities for our staff to enhance their fact-checking skills and ensure the continuous improvement of our verification processes.

d. Transparency and Accountability:
We value transparency and accountability in our fact-checking efforts. Our readers are encouraged to provide feedback, point out potential errors, or request fact-checks through clearly defined channels. We are committed to addressing such inquiries promptly and openly, further strengthening the trust between Karma News and our audience.

By implementing this fact-checking policy, Karma News aims to deliver accurate and reliable news content that upholds the highest journalistic standards. We strive to provide our readers with trustworthy information they can rely on for their understanding of the world around them.

The public is welcome to submit requests for fact-checks at [email protected]