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20 South Baniff Road , Perth, Wa, Australia

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Rohans, Chirakkulam Road ,Statue Thiruvanandapuram ,Kerala 695 001Mobile: +91 086069 33944, +91 04712960042, +91 04712574545 , [email protected]
Managing Director : Vince Mathew, [email protected] Whasapp +61415752113 ,COO:  Aneesh Raj G +91 94470 84545, Associate Editor Dr R velayudhan, Legal Head , Vimala Binu Solicitor , Honorable Indian supreme Court,

Contacts ,Only for News

+91 086069 33944, +91 04712960042, [email protected], [email protected]

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+91 04712574545, [email protected] , +91 94470 84545


All above reason we only receive all matters only through whatsapp and email with documents. This we follow very strictly.  Whtatss app  number is  +91 086069 33944, email [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] You can also use the above reasons through our FB inbox, news comment box.

Corrections Policy

If you believe a story we have published is inaccurate, please contact the editorial team. We can once verified, we will correct the story on the website and social media as soon as possible. Where appropriate, the fact a correction has been made will be noted in the story. We are happy to inform if you have any massage to Karma News, Please contact our proper department through phone or email or whats app. We are definitely try to solve your aggrieves very friendly. We are also happy to correct our errors notified by the public as soon as possible. If you have any urgent information or aggrieves you can also email  directly to MD/ Chief Editor at [email protected] , [email protected] If any complaint or legal  you can also contact our legal head Adv Vimala Binu, [email protected],  High Court Junction Kochi.