About Us

We are proudly presenting that, The Karma News Since 2017.Karma News powered by GALAXY ZOOM INDIA PVT LTD. A leading online Malayalam news portal  thekarmanews.com , We also publishing Tamil and  Kannada. The Karma News, has proven that we have grown to be a collective voice that cannot be ignored, having a say in the socio-economic and political affairs that affect the society as a whole. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way- by operating responsibly and applying innovative approaches in style and vision. Please WhatsApp your suggestions +61478286442 

Our company’s modern approach to Journalism including a discussion board for the readers along with the option of sending in their opinions was unheard of at the time of its inception. We are a growing company with our readers at the heart of everything we do, striving to create a positive impression in people’s lives through creative, impartial and honest journalism. We mainly using mobile journalism. Our income source is mainly funding of GALAXY ZOOM INDIA PVT LTD and YouTube and Facebook income and our promoters and receiving advertisement

Our People

Mr Vince Mathew is founder and Managing Director and Chief Editor, He starting his profession 1995 from Mathrubhumi. Our Kerala Office is situated in Thiruvanthapuram. Abroad  Head Office situated Australia.  Kerala Office address is,Kanjirampara, Sarovaram, Pongumoodu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695030, India, We have also news offices in Delhi and Dubai, and USA New York. The Karma news have a biggest exclusive operation wing.  Around 55 staff and 40 reporters working for Karma News . We have a strong legal wing for racing and facing the issue.

Ethics policy

We have a high editorial standard at the core. Highly technical organization that even handles mainstream news websites Malayalam. Our journalists work according to  Journalism ethics and standards, which sets the benchmark for ethical standards in journalism. All our editorial staff completes a training course in the Code and legal refresher training. we recognize that protecting the rights of the individual consistently comes into conflict with the public’s right to know. This means we have to make difficult judgements, sometimes quickly, which are impossible to get right all of the time. Regular bulletins and seminars give staff the best opportunity to learn from mistakes, whether our own or those of other parts of the media industry.

Verification and fact-checking

We expect our staff to use their best endeavours to verify the stories being put forward for publication. Karma news have 3 level team for for verification for a news before publishing. One is sub- editors  level online editing and news verification group, next is editorial level, and finally it will check chief editor level team. Chief Editor level group includes our chief editor , associate editor , secretary of chief editor and our legal advisers.